Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thank you, Ben

I lied. I promised I would post a blog yesterday and I didn't. Forgive me.

If I start posting more blogs, you can thank Ben Folds. We have been without internet in our home for close to six weeks. Technically we have always had internet, but about a month and half ago it stopped working. There is nothing that Brandon loves more than calling the AT&T support line. They diagnosed us with either a faulty power cord or bum router box. The former would cost us $10 to replace, the latter $100.

For months Brandon has been excited about the new album by Ben Folds that was released yesterday. Even though he pretended he was patient and could get it later, he really wanted it yesterday. I asked him why we would buy a cd when we could get it on iTunes. Obviously, we needed to fix our internet problem before we could download it. So I schlepped myself to the AT&T store and the schiesty guy took my machine to the back and declared it was not the $10 power cord. So I dished out $100 for the damn box.

When I got home I followed all the directions for setting it up. Brandon sent me the login information I needed. It didn't work. Of course he thought he could accomplish what I couldn't and he took a stab at it when he got home a few hours later. It didn't work. The highlight of the night was when Brandon had to call his friendly AT&T support line and yelled and screamed at the automated response. It was a good thing I was in the other room, because if he saw me laughing at him, I would have been in trouble =)

In the end Brandon got the Ben Folds album from iTunes. I (finally) restored and updated my iPhone. I can suddenly do all the things again my iPhone used to be able to do... like check my email and post to Facebook without mysteriously shutting down.

In other news, my underwear are inside out. That is the third time in two weeks.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Where I commit to writing my blog until at least tomorrow.

I could catch you up on the last 4 months of my life, but that would just be long and boring. So how about some bullet points on the more recent happenings of my life? (Warning... this is going to deteriorate quite quickly into updates about my pregnancy):

  • On Saturday I went to my ten year high school reunion. I loved it. I have always been the nostalgic type so the chance to see people who I spent four years with made me happy. I didn’t think it was awkward or uncomfortable—rather I thought it was sweet the way that old friends and acquaintances took the time to get to know each other anew and recognize that we are still connected. I love that we are all in different stages of life and that we can learn from each other. I love that people have gone on to become teachers, mothers, coaches, business women and entrepreneurs. I love that ten years later we can all sit comfortably with one another and remember that Loretto was a special place for us.
  • I am 28 weeks pregnant with twin girls. 28 weeks! Which in the twin world means that I could be meeting these little girls in close to 8 weeks. I am overwhelmed by the life that lies ahead of me, but also by the love and support of my family and friends. Brandon and his mom painted the nursery a few weeks ago and thanks to our grandmothers these girls have furniture to go in the nursery! Slowly but surely we are accumulating all the necessary items for having babies and I am learning the whole new world of baby accessories that I didn’t know existed (and I am not even sure most of them are necessary... haha).
  • Brandon and I are starting birthing classes tonight. This is going to be totally awesome or totally awkward. Luckily my husband has a great sense of humor, because really, I can’t imagine how uncomfortable it is going to be if I have to pretend to be in labor when really I have no idea what the heck to expect from labor.
  • On that note, people keep asking me if I will have a c-section or if I want to take the drugs in the scenario of a vaginal birth. Part 1: as long as baby A (the closest to the escape route) is head down, I can go through labor and delivery. If baby B is breech, I have been promised that they will “simply” manually turn baby B after the first one is out, or, pull the baby out breech. *winces* Although I am slightly fearful for my second baby, I prefer not to have a cesarean. Part 2: will I take the drugs? I do not have a particularly high tolerance for pain. However I am awfully determined once I set my mind to something. I want to try and go as long as possible without drugs, but if my wimpiness wins, I will ask for pain medication or an epidural. The reality is that I have no idea what to expect and I am not going to spout off any absolutes when I don’t know what the heck I am talking about.
  • In January our fence was blown down in a storm. Last week we had it replaced. Finally. The neighbors don’t hate us anymore.
  • I am tired of “people” (ahem, you know who you are) demanding that I write my blog. So I will try to write more. Or at all. Let’s take baby steps. I am posting one now and I will write one tomorrow. Then tomorrow I will think about the next day. Deal? Deal. Good.