Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thank you, Ben

I lied. I promised I would post a blog yesterday and I didn't. Forgive me.

If I start posting more blogs, you can thank Ben Folds. We have been without internet in our home for close to six weeks. Technically we have always had internet, but about a month and half ago it stopped working. There is nothing that Brandon loves more than calling the AT&T support line. They diagnosed us with either a faulty power cord or bum router box. The former would cost us $10 to replace, the latter $100.

For months Brandon has been excited about the new album by Ben Folds that was released yesterday. Even though he pretended he was patient and could get it later, he really wanted it yesterday. I asked him why we would buy a cd when we could get it on iTunes. Obviously, we needed to fix our internet problem before we could download it. So I schlepped myself to the AT&T store and the schiesty guy took my machine to the back and declared it was not the $10 power cord. So I dished out $100 for the damn box.

When I got home I followed all the directions for setting it up. Brandon sent me the login information I needed. It didn't work. Of course he thought he could accomplish what I couldn't and he took a stab at it when he got home a few hours later. It didn't work. The highlight of the night was when Brandon had to call his friendly AT&T support line and yelled and screamed at the automated response. It was a good thing I was in the other room, because if he saw me laughing at him, I would have been in trouble =)

In the end Brandon got the Ben Folds album from iTunes. I (finally) restored and updated my iPhone. I can suddenly do all the things again my iPhone used to be able to do... like check my email and post to Facebook without mysteriously shutting down.

In other news, my underwear are inside out. That is the third time in two weeks.


  1. hahahaha I don't know what is funnier...Brandon yelling at the automated response or your underwear being inside out! Pretty soon you're going to need help getting those underwear on and off. HA! :)

  2. In my defense, I did say "I don't have it" for our login info like 6 times. It also pisses me off that you have to type or say the phone number only to be sent to a live person who will ask for that same info anyways.

    Long story short I hate automated customer service. It is a total oxymoron.