Sunday, May 8, 2011


After being a religion teacher in Catholic school, I assume that my family and friends know how I feel about my faith. I don't really have a reason why I don't mention it much on my blog. But today is a special day for me and my family as the girls were initiated into the Catholic Church through baptism. It was a choice that I do not take lightly and I am so happy that today Ana and Grace were christened in the presence of family and friends.

In our parish we use full immersion baptism. Adults walk into the baptismal font, babies are dunked. Unfortunately my grandmother was photographing without a flash so all the pictures are blurry. Here is a mostly clear picture of the font. As an advocate of full immersion baptism, I love this:

And there she goes! Grace being baptized by Fr. Dillon, the priest I grew up with in my parish. He is phenomenal. For those who are curious, he only immersed them up to their chins. They were immersed three times and both girls cried shortly by the third dunk. As soon as they were wrapped up in towels they stopped crying.

 Our family with our newly baptized girls:

This is Grace wearing the gown and bonnet that my mom, sister and I all wore at our own baptisms. Maybe one day a fourth generation will wear this as well! (There is also a nearly identical picture of me in this gown).

Ana looking adorable. When we found out we were having twins I was very upset that we only had one family gown. So my mom found this beautiful gown and we decided who wore which based on fitting.

 Brandon and I with the godparents and the girls.

After the ceremony we hosted a dinner at our home. After all that excitement, I am exhausted!

Thank you to everyone who shared this day with us. I couldn't have asked for a better Mother's Day gift than to witness the welcoming of my beautiful daughters into the faith. Brandon and I are truly blessed to have amazing families and friends.


  1. What a perfect day :-) I am so happy for you, Mama!

  2. You look so happy in the pictures! I'm glad is was a great day. :)

  3. Congratulations!! I'm so happy for all of you :) is this Fr. Dillon from SS. Peter & Paul Church in Rocklin?! He baptized both of my sisters and me!!

  4. Erin, Great story and pics to treasure always.


  5. How wonderful for all of you! What a blessed day ~~

    Love, Grandma Lorrie

  6. Every day with them is a renewal of my faith. I'm so happy to have welcomed them into the community.

    As a side note, I love the peace sign that Grace is throwing up. My little pacifist. It would explain her love of pacifiers.

  7. Sounds like a perfect day!

    Your girls are SO cute too, especially in those gowns. Love.

    Ps. You and your husband are a really attractive couple. No wonder your kids are so cute.

  8. What beautiful photos! Love the family history with the gowns.