Monday, May 23, 2011

how to eat a pb&j sandwich, erin style

hi friends. i know, i know: it's been awhile since i've written a blog. i've got a whole list of reasons i haven't blogged:
  1. i was sick
  2. i didn't want to interrupt any exciting coverage about the rapture
  3. i got myself involved in too many things again
  4. i have twins
  5. a dinosaur ate my computer. rawr.
but really i have just been feeling a little uninspired. which leads me to this post... i took pictures of how i eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. yes folks, we have reached a new low. so without further ado...

1. a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in its entirety. i am a CHUNKY peanut butter person. BG likes creamy. that means in our house we always have both kinds. but if you ask me, there is no excuse for creamy peanut butter. ever.

2. i eat the crust first by tearing off pieces. i do not bite.

3. crust has all been removed and consumed. NOW comes the yummy part.

4. sometimes i tear, sometimes i just bite in. the only thing that matters is that this is the BEST part of the sandiwch and i enjoy each little bite.

5. yum. pb&j with raspberry jam. all gone.

i know. you can hardly stand the excitement in this blog post.


  1. I now know what was missing from my life. This post has completed it.

    Thank you.

  2. You know, I really do think we were meant to someday know each other. You should see how I eat a bean burrito from Taco Bell.

  3. DUDE!! I just wrote a whole, brilliant comment, it wouldn't let me post! wtf. NOW it's gone. damn blogger fuckhead.

    Anyway, in my brilliant comment I wrote about eating PB&J daily when I was pregnant. Every time I'm pregnant I eat them every night. in the middle of the night. with milk. non-negotiable.

    it was better when I wrote it before.


  4. And, P.S. it won't let me comment via my Google account. uncool, blogger. uncool.

  5. I actually love this a lot. chunky peanut butter>creamy peanut butter.


  6. When I was a little girl, my dad would eat sandwiches in a similar fashion. Except it was never pb&j. Only salami or ham. He would eat around the edges until he had a perfect little "middle" circle. Then he would squish it down really flat.

    Enter child Dani looking cute and adorable. I'd bat my eyes and ask for a bite.

    I knew Daddy loved me because he always gave me the middle and he settled for the crusts.

  7. I'm finding it hilarious that I am eating a PB&J sandwich as I read this.

    I always eat crust first. I'm a big save the best for last eater ;)