Monday, May 2, 2011

girls: six months!

i can't let today pass without acknowledging that my girls are six months old. it is also almost a year to the day that we learned we were having twins. that was a day that i will never forget; i was so confused, scared and shocked. i spent days in denial, weeks in complete shock and months utterly terrified of how my life was going to change. if i had known how much i was going to love having my twins, i certainly would have enjoyed my pregnancy much more! i don't do monthly updates, so don't get used to this. but six months seems like a good time to stop and see where the girls are in life so far!

to my girls: i have no idea how much you weigh or how long you are. but i know you are growing because when i pick you up you just keep getting heavier! you keep growing out of clothes, which is great because to be honest i get tired of you guys wearing the same thing every day. you two are totally on your own page when it comes to milestones, which is okay with us. we are happy that you are your own people.
ana, you can roll in both directions but you seem to forget that, because once you roll onto your tummy you just start crying. your favorite toys are an eeyore rattle and your sheep. you don't like large crowds of people and we are starting to think you act a bit like your aunt cristina. you are so strong and you act like you want to crawl! sorry, you are still immobile for now.

grace, you are the social butterfly. you smile at everything. you still like to read the warning label in the bathtub and you love the jumperoo. you tried banana this week and although you don't seem to like the taste, you keep swallowing it anyway. your calling card is your patented screech. it sounds like a combination of a raptor and a dying cat. it is hilarious. i like to think you are trying to sing.
the best thing about having two of you is watching you interact. you like to sleep snuggled up together and often you hold hands. and then there are the occastional goofy moments like today when intervention was needed to protect ana from getting kicked in the head.

i love my girls more than anything and i look forward to every moment i can spend with them!


  1. Happy 6 month birthday to them! They are so adorable. :)

  2. This made me laugh and smile--because I can picture everything you're talking about. I miss them already and am sad I don't get to watch them tomorrow! Thanks for letting me be a part of their lives--they are so adorable and fun. I can't wait to babysit and play with them again! Happy 6 months, Ana and Grace

  3. okay. i've tried to comment like twice but forgot to sign in...seriously. what's wrong with me? anyhoo, this is simply lovely. I love the "letters" to them -- and DAMN how cute are they? So precious. 6 months....

  4. I love them so much. I can't believe it has already been 6 months, but it has been an amazing 6 months.