Thursday, August 26, 2010

dear mommy bloggers

How do you find time to blog?

I want to be a real blogger ("I want to be a real boy!") but I don't even have kids yet and I can hardly find the time to blog now.

Really. How do you do it? I want to be supermom like you.


  1. Well, for one, I only {get paid to} work 20 hours per week. Don't you have two jobs? And for two, I say this a lot, but it's therapy for me. When I don't blog I get a little {more} crazy.

  2. I'm at home. So, although it's chaos around here most of the time, I squeeze in ten minutes here and there to write a post. Sometimes late at night when the kiddos are in bed, occasionally in the morning when the baby is napping and the other two are watching tv.

    I want to have the moments. I want to be able to look back, see photos, and read stories about my kiddos. So I make it a priority.

    Plus, (like Kimberly), I go a little wacky if I don't empty out my head regularly

  3. Well I'm no supermom, but I blog while my baby is nursing with his eyes shut by using an itouch! I also don't worry about it if I miss a day or post at midnight or whatever.