Sunday, July 10, 2011

Grab a beer!


Well I tried to post with Kim last week but blogger hated me and now my pictures are lost in the internets. Aren't you sad you will never those pictures?!

Let's start with a little special series entitled "Ana falls asleep wherever she wants." She is officially CRAWLING and basically getting into all sorts of trouble. So I assume that all this movement makes her super tired.

Asleep in her high chair.
Asleep in her jumperoo.

Asleep in the backpack. And those pictures are all from this week.

I made these chocolate dipped strawberries for Brandon for our 4th anniversary (traditional gift: fruits and flowers)

We celebrated at a fabulous restaurant. Wine for BG, Cosmo for me!

Brandon wrote this really nice blog about me and all he got is this picture from my phone. I love you babe!

I am all about reading, but I do have to wonder what we are teaching our children when the books have made up words like "table," "chair," and "sofa."

Brandon loves to bring the girls to bed on the weekends.

I skipped lunch one day this week for a much needed pedicure...

Us girls pre-shopped the Anniversary Sale at Nordstrom. The girls got balloons (and shoes and legwarmers!) (Sorry Aunt Cristina that we didn't come visit you in SF!) (if anyone wants to shop in Roseville or San Francisco I will set you up with great people to shop with!)

My mom bought the girls these adorable rompers with little watermelon butts. So cute!

Pretty sure this isn't safe.

I was nursing Ana in bed and looked over the edge to see only Grace's arm.

I pulled up the ruffle and there she was, smiling big! Apparently she likes it under the bed!

Ana took this picture for you. The end.


  1. They really are SO CUTE. I need to meet them. They look so HAPPY all the time---I love happy babies :)

  2. Did you guys go to crush for your anniversary dinner?

  3. You have the happiest babies. I might have a third if such things could be guaranteed.