Thursday, January 26, 2012

30 before 30: I cook

(Dinner always tastes better with a beer)

When I was growing up we rarely went to restaurants. We never had take out. My mom was a working mom and then she came home and cooked dinner. Every night.

Of course there was the occasional special night out, but for the most part I remember having dinner around the table with my family. Dinners were healthy, balanced and homemade. Did I mention that they were good? My mom is a fabulous cook and I've spent more than ten years learning from her.

Some things I learned by doing. I remember when I was probably 13 years old she called before she left work and talked me through browning beef, onion, tomato paste and then adding the ingredients to make spaghetti sauce. Other favorite recipes have been learned by writing down her recipes by hand and attempting them over and over again in my own kitchen. The favorites that now grace my kitchen are enchiladas, Dijon chicken and sausage soup. Many nights were simple and healthy: grilled chicken, rice and vegetables. Others like swiss steak and chicken cacciatiore were specialties that still remain mysteries to me.

I am grateful to my mom for a lot of things, but cooking is one that will always be high on my list. She taught me to cook healthy, cook well and to cook out of love. This is better for my family and our budget. I look forward to sharing family dinners around our kitchen, creating the kind of memories I have with my dad, mom, sister and brother. I have learned to love the kitchen and not to be afraid to try new things.

I am proud that I can cook. And I am proud that I cook for my family.


  1. Hello from Barcelona!
    I've discovered your blog thanks to the Follow me Friday from Multiples and more!

    My name's Núria and I'm mom of twin girls as well. I'd love to invite you to follow our blog (if you like it). It's THE TWIN INVASION, where we try to advice everyone on the conspiracy from twins all over the world to rule the planet (in a funny way of course!). We really wait for you and hope to share many stories!


  2. I wish I had paid more attention to my mom and grandma in the kitchen. There are so many recipes that will go to the grave with those two. :-/

  3. My mom always cooked too, and it is something we do at home. I am not great with the meal planning, but am learning!

  4. hi, erin! found your blog on M&M blog hop :)

    i have twin girls who are almost 3 (i can't believe how fast they've grown up!). love your blog, girls are the best!

    my mom always cooked for us, too...i'm trying to make it a priority in our household, although my girls still don't really want to eat what i cook. they would rather have hot dogs and chicken nuggets (yuck).

  5. I am so grateful to have learned these lessons from my mom, too. Also, I think I've solved my problem about dinner tonight. You can come cook for me :)

    This post about your memories of your mom reminds me of a story from yesterday (hope you're comfy this might be long...). Pillsbury cookie dough was on sale this week so I bought a tube. I baked them yesterday and it reminded me of when I was about 10ish years old, I was at a girl's class that two ladies at my church ran and one had baked cookies. I went on and on and on about how good they were and how much I loved them, and asked her for the recipe. She said "Oh, they are just pillsbury cookie dough from the tube". I didn't even know what this was because my mom always made stuff from scratch, never mix. I went home and told her "Can you please stop making real cookies and make the fake ones from the tube like Carol?" BAHAHA.

  6. Being able to cook is an awesome skill to have! It always amazes me how many people have absolutely no idea how to cook, and rely on eating out and take out to survive! Good for you!
    Visiting from M&M Follow me Friday! I'm a MoM of fraternal 15 month old twin girls. Look forward to following you!

  7. I love your cooking. It means I don't have to cook and I get to enjoy good food. WIN-WIN!

  8. Following from multiples and more. I'm a passable cook, but I'm still trying to decide if I like it or not

  9. You know it's funny, I also REALLY remember that about my childhood too. No matter what, we sat down and ate a real meal, around the table, that my mom had cooked. I still remember the excitement (because of course I was STARVING) smelling the food cooking, especially when it was spaghetti or pork chops or something else I loved.

    Dude. I really should be providing that kind of consistency for my kids. Shit.