Friday, April 23, 2010

Let's get reacquainted

1. I don’t get my toothbrush wet before brushing my teeth. It works fine without water.
2. I never put my seatbelt on until I have backed out of my driveway or parking spot. It is a bad habit, I know.
3. I never put CDs or DVDs back in their cases, which makes my husband very angry.
4. I don’t do things until the last minute. This is not because I like to procrastinate or am lazy, it is because I don’t have incentive to do it earlier. If you need it Friday, why am I starting it on Monday?
5. I never liked baseball until I met my husband. He gave me a beer, a hot dog, some garlic fries and taught me to appreciate the game. Now I love baseball.
6. I don’t think any sort of sports draft needs prime time television coverage.
7. I have joint custody of Molly the wonder dog. She will be at my house for 9 days starting this Saturday. Yay!
8. I put salt on everything. People are always telling me that it is bad. But I haven’t died yet.
9. I get incredibly attached to people and places. When I meet someone or go somewhere, I dig in deep. This is why it is hard for me to say goodbye.
10. I want to be able to write my blog more frequently, but for the love of God, I am searching for time to do it. I work my regular full time job AND then coaching swimming from 5:30-9pm every night.

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