Thursday, April 29, 2010


I should have been born on a farm. I was meant to frolic through high grass with cows and sheep and goats. When I was younger I lamented that I was born in the wrong era, as I was certain that Laura Ingalls and I were supposed to have been best friends. Fast foward to the suburbs in 2010 and my visits with farm animals are usually limited to the annual State Fair.

Not this year. The sheep have come to my town and I couldn't be more excited. I have been chasing the sheep around my town for the last two weeks. The spend a day or two in different areas eating the grasses. Since Saturday they have been very near our house. In fact on Monday night my husband took Molly to go visit the sheep. Unfortunately Molly had an encounter with the electric fence. (Needless to say, Molly doesn't care for the sheep anymore)

This morning as I was about ready to make my lunch, I heard the sheep. Not the distant "baa-ing" I had been hearing all week, but the "baa" of a sheep in my backyard. I ran downstairs to see the sheep right behind my fence. I didn't even care that I was going to be late for work. These guys are awesome.

Did I mention there are 2200 animals? 2100 sheep and 100 goats. They were actually getting ready to move them, so a few minutes later I saw them block off the road to get 2200 animals to cross the street. The kids trying to get to school were pretty excited.

Yes, I just wrote a blog post about sheep. I am awesome.

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  1. You should have been at Sea Ranch with us; you would have been totally entertained for days ;)