Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hi, you might remember me.

I had a lovely idea that after buying our house in suburbia and having stable jobs that Brandon and I would have a baby, get a dog and see how life went from there.

And then the doctor told me I was having twins.

My idyllic dream suddenly changed a little and I have spent the last 6 weeks trying to imagine what life will be like with two babies. Let me tell you, the dog is going to have to wait a few more years.


So I haven’t written a blog in weeks (err... months?) because all I can think about is “I am having two babies.” And writing about that on a daily basis is not very riveting blog material.

But I have continued reading blogs daily and creating imaginary friendships with people who may not even realize I exist. I love reading blogs. After checking my email I turn immediately to my blogs to read about my friends and my “friends.”

These writers let me into their lives on a daily basis. They share their struggles, their joys, their dealings with parenting, job loss and death. The bloggers I read are from all over the country and teach me about how life is different beyond the great state of California. I’ve learned about photography, shopping, travel, kids and cooking. I know more about some of these people’s children than I know about my own cousins. I feel so connected.


On Saturday my grandfather turned 90. He is a beautiful man with a wonderful heart. People love him because he is gentle, thoughtful and kind. When we were little he took us to fast food restaurants that my parents never let us visit. He built me a child size table and benches which is safely stored at my parents until it finds a place in the room of my children. He has been a carpenter, an upholsterer, a bartender, a father, a friend. I am so grateful for my papa and I wish him many more years!


  1. I wish I had my blog when I was pregnant with Isabella. I wish I had written down all my thoughts, fears, wishes, and sarcasm that goes along with the first baby(ies). So, take that as you wish. But I think you have some GREAT material here ;)


    PS, moms of multiples have a strong online presence...i'm sure you'll find lots of blogs to add to your reader!

  2. So, um. How did I miss this? I had NO IDEA that you were even pregnant. Congrats! (a tad after the fact)

    And twins. Wow. I think that's pretty awesome. They'll always have someone.

  3. And how far along are you? When are you due? I love pregnant details. I'm all nosy like that. Plus, having just been pregnant, I'd a tad retrospective.

  4. From someone who's worked at a daycare (in the baby room) and also knows a lot of twin moms. You don't know what one's like so two won't seem so different. At least that's what my friends tell me. Congrats and let us all know when these two precious ones are comming. (My new little one is due in January. I was sure we'd end up with twins this time around because we have one and only wanted one other.)

  5. I'm glad that you are finally writing blogs again. I know I get to hear all the thoughts in person, but I love reading them.

    The Father of Your Children (HA!)