Sunday, June 26, 2011

Grab a beer because I'm back!

I know. It's been weeks since I've done a picture post. Get over it. I am a busy woman and if my phone isn't in Ana's mouth, I am using it to take another picture of her sweet face or of Grace, and really people would stop reading my blog if I posted EVERY picture I took of my girls. That's why I stopped reading your blog. (Kidding) (Kind of) (I like variety)

Without further ado, here is two weeks worth of pictures, broken up into three sections:
I. Stuff you don't care about
II.Weddings of people you don't know
III. Pictures and stories of my kids

Part I: Stuff you don't care about

I have turned into a bag lady. On any given day I can been seen carrying all this crap around: my swim bag, my pump, my bag/purse of personal belongings and my laptop. I look like a nut. Maybe cuz I am.
Speaking of bags... check out this gem. Um, the bag isn't really my style to begin with. But then the whole Daniel Boone look really takes this to a whole new level. Hi, we live in the suburbs, not the wild, wild west. Leave your raccoon hat at home.

I had to stop for this drawbridge. I was pretty amazed that drawbridges actually get used. And then I was terrified to drive across, like it was going to fall or something. Um, ya.

My parents did some reorganization of their office and so Brandon and I inherited this daybed for our office. I am really excited because our office looks better and now I have a very comfortable place to lay and watch tv. Thanks mom!

On Wednesday morning I found this guy in my sink. I named him Frank. Then I blocked the disposal and covered the sink so he couldn't escape and waited for my brother--in-law to get to my house and save him =)

Frank came to visit again tonight. He stayed outside this time.

I made a nice little cheese display for my mom. I got skills.

Part II: Weddings of people you don't know.

My sister-in-law got married last weekend at a mansion near the Delta. We had so much fun!! I was a bridesmaid. Here I am messing around while we were up in the room waiting for the wedding to start.

It was a beautiful wedding and my sister-in-law was the most gorgeous bride I have ever seen. I have a ton of pictures, but it was her day, not mine. So all you get is this sneak peek...


Last night we went to the wedding of a long time family friend. It was a blast because all of our friends were there. It was held on their family property and it was a beautiful ceremony set against a pond and the reception in the backyard.

The centerpieces had bright flowers in mason jars and there was homemade strawberry jam on all the tables. That's my sissy in the background, pretending not to be in the picture.

Two weddings in two weeks is enough. Moving on.

Part III: Pictures and stories of my kids

If I wasn't too lazy to upload pictures from my camera, you would have some cute, "real" pictures of my kids. Instead you get life captured by my iPhone.

My kids wrestle everyday. And by wrestle I mean that Ana attacks Grace when she wants the toy Grace has or also for no apparent reason. Ana will army crawl right over Grace and my poor Gracie just looks stunned.

"Hey mom! Let me out!"
In addition to her wrestling and army crawling skills, Ana has also recently learned how to pull herself up on the bumpers or side of the crib. Tonight we lowered the crib so that I don't walk in and find herself hanging over the edge.

For a safer naptime until we had time to lower the mattress I put Ana in the pack n' play. She did not like it. She spent all of naptime trying to claw her way out. Naptime fail.

I try really hard to keep the girls out of the sun. Unfortunately they look to be as fair skinned as I am, so I want to protect my poor little babies. When I got back from my walk the other day I noticed that their little feet had slipped out.

For those of you who made it all the way through my silly photos, you are rewarded with the two cutest faces I ever have seen.


  1. Are there people who post EVERY picture of their child? ;-)

    So, I love the 5 paragraph essay-esque feel of this post. It makes my teacher heart all happy.

    Can I at least see a glimpse of the beautiful bride on FB or something??? I love your self-portrait - you're HOT!

  2. Love it. love it all ;). ;)

  3. Baby WWE! There could be money in that venture.

    I enjoyed all of the stuff I don't care about, weddings of strangers, and your kidlets. They are cute and make me say, "awwwww".

    Tell Frank, "hi".

  4. I like Frank. Frank was a good pet.

    Your babies are precious.

    That bag looked a little like a dead animal, but that's cool.