Thursday, January 27, 2011

A good choice

In the beginning I wanted to use this blog to help me be accountable for my health and weight loss. That failed for a few reasons:

1. I was too scared to share my failures with the internet
2. I was too scared to share my failures with the people I know in real life who would read this blog
3. Eventually I got pregnant and didn't need to lose weight

I don't intend on making this blog entirely about weight loss. But losing weight is part of the journey I am on in this life and so I intend on writing about it. As you can see two of the three reasons I stopped being honest about it was because of my fear of failure-- so for today let's start with a story of success. Perhaps that will be inspiring, no?

Yesterday morning I met a friends and we walked for nearly an hour on some steep trails. It was a great workout--especially with 9 pounds of baby strapped to my chest. The girls were good most of the day until the afternoon. After feeding both of the girls there was still a lot of screaming going on in my house. So I tried calming them each down; I tried to burp, bounce, breastfeed... nothing was working. Without going into a lot of detail let's just say that I am a stress eater. And yesterday afternoon at 3:15, two crying babies was enough stress for me to want to start eating.

I don't know why, but instead of eating my way through the pantry I made a good choice. I put the girls into the stroller (they were still screaming) and set out to Starbucks. It was me, a double stroller and the dog on our way to have a celebratory cup of coffee for voluntarily exercising instead of stress eating. Before I even got to the corner my girls had quieted down and I could feel myself calming with each step. It was a small act and I felt good about it.

I have at least 25 pounds to lose in order to be a healthy weight. For my height and body type, I could be healthy losing closer to 40. Those are big numbers and they will not be easy for me to achieve. But small decisions like I made yesterday are exactly the sorts of choices that will make a big difference in my journey.

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  1. YAY!!!! That was an excellent choice for everyone. Good job, mama!