Friday, January 28, 2011

Rob Lowe: OBSESSION and 100th post

Warning: there are a lot of (unnecessary) parenthetical references in this post.

This is my 100th blog post. If I was a real blogger I would have some fancy giveaway... but alas, I have only my aspirations and a pail full of stinky diapers. So instead I gift you all with this eye candy.

It has taken me years to settle on the man I find most beautiful (besides YOU Brandon, obviously). As a pre-teen (I hate the word "tween") I thought Leonardo diCaprio was the boy who would have my heart. Then during my Buffy the Vampire Slayer days I loved David Boreanaz who played the vampire Angel. Since then I have had my moments for all sorts of men from Robert Redford (I choose him over Paul Newman any day) to Ryan Reynolds, Justin Timberlake to Javier Bardem. But my friends, I have settled on the winner.
Rob Lowe.
I can't forget some of his early appearances like The Outsiders and St. Elmo's Fire (Do you believe in premarital sax?) He was young and cute, looking a little wild. But the role that hooked me was Sam Seaborn in The West Wing. He was witty, gorgeous and who doesn't love a character who accidentally sleeps with a prostitute in the first episode? (The prostitute goes on to become Cuddy in House). And after watching four seasons of Brothers & Sisters in the last month, I am all in. This time he is a devoted husband, father and public servant. C'mon, I have been at home for 12 weeks caring for my babies. A man who can be a great spouse, dad and politician, all while wearing a suit? Yup, I am in love. (Side note-- in WW he plays a Democrat who is the Deputy Communications Director for the White House. The in B&S he plays a Republican Senator. Hmm... clearly he wants to reach all audiences) Rob Lowe is gorgeous in a suit and tie... so much so that even now on Parks & Rec he is wearing a tie most of the time.
Rob, it took me almost 29 years to decide you are the handsomest man for me. If I could take down that terrible Leo poster from my pre-teen room, I would replace it with you.

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