Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Resolutions

As a child I spent many New Year's Eves with my grandma. Every year she had me write down my resolutions and then she taped them inside the wardrobe. I loved those simple nights when coming up with a goal was fun and gave purpose to a new year. At age 8, 10, 11... I imagine my resolutions were along the lines of "be nice to my sister" and "keep my room clean."

When I woke up last Saturday morning my Facebook feed was littered with best wishes for 2011 and posts about resolutions. Despite reading several hundred posts about the new year, I had a hard time believing that it really was a new year. For some reason Saturday didn't seem like a good day to start 2011. Monday seemed much more reasonable. People in the working world gear themselves up to work on a Monday. We relate Monday to work. Saturdays? Those are for fun.

If I try to set a goal for this year, I will fail. I know this because such a long term goal with no short term rewards doesn't work for me. So I decided that shorter resolutions would work better for me. I will make those resolutions on Monday. Unfortunately the ones I intended on meeting today were blown by about 11am this morning.

But here I will post my Monday resolutions. I will resolve to meet short term goals. And in year like this I think this is the best I can do. I have no idea how my life will be in my new role as a mom to twin girls. I don't know for sure when I am returning to work or how much I will be working. There are great changes I need to make in my life, but they are overwhelming when I think about them as a whole. Small goals-- that is what I am going for.

So here are this Monday's resolutions:
  • I will not eat anymore junk tonight.
  • I will not have any sugar the rest of this week.
  • I will clean out the top drawer in my bathroom by the end of this week.
  • I will finish putting away the Christmas decorations by tomorrow morning!

Happy 2011, my friends!

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