Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Current obsession: breakfast

I have never been a big breakfast person. For many years I skipped breakfast or had a banana and coffee. I was on an instant oatmeal kick for several months until I found some sort of worm/bug inside and decided I was not that desperate for protein.

But recently I have been craving breakfast. I am not talking about a bowl of cereal. I am talking about a great heaping portion of pancakes, waffles, french toast, potaoes, bacon or biscuits and gravy. I am talking about the kind of breakfast that makes your house smell for the rest of the day or leaves your clothes with a lingering smell of syrup. Maybe it is because I have seen a few breakfast blogs lately or perhaps because I work less than a mile from the legendary Katrina's where breakfast portions are served for people who can eat like Kobayashi.

I am one of those confused breakfasts eaters. I usually crave the savory foods like potatoes and bacon, yet can't resist the idea of a sweet breakfast food. I never waste my time on any egg product, because I know I could make that at home.

On Sunday I began my 28th year (actually, is it technically the 29th year? Since you complete a year before you count it? Whatever.) I was visiting my grandparents in the Bay Area and they took me to birthday breakfast at Stacks in Burlingame. I had coconut pancakes (with bananas and macadamia nuts) and a side of bacon. It was like heaven.

On my way home I made an impromptu visit to see my sister who was eating at Sweetwater in Downtown Sacramento where they have all you can drink mimosas during Sunday brunch for $9.95. Um, yes please? While I did partake in the mimosas, I didn't eat there this time because two breakfasts would have just been unnecessary. But you can bet I will be going back there.

For now I will try to be content with my homemade breakfast creation. My sister (who has a degree in nutrition) thought it might help me to control my eating if I had a bigger breakfast. So one day I used what was in the fridge to come up with my turkey pepperoni, pepper jack cheese, egg and English muffin creation. It has just a little bite to it and it is very filling. It comes in at just about 300 calories.

But even now (at 1:15 in the afternoon) I am dreaming of waffles and home fries, sourdough toast and orange juice, and dreaming of my next change to go to breakfast.

Suggestions in the Sacramento area?


  1. I'm a breakfast fiend. Like, seriously. In Roseville, there's the Original Pancake House and Waffle Barn, which I FREAKING LOVE. Downtown, my faves are Cafe Bernardo and Capital Garage.

    We should do breakfast one weekend!

  2. Going out to breakfast is my favorite!!! I like 33rd Street Bistro and Riverside Clubhouse (same menu), but we can walk to 33rd Street and Riverside has the best outdoor patio EVER. Soooo it's a toss up :)

  3. Aw. Stacks. I had forgotten about that place. My Grandma used to take us there whenever my brother and I came into town. Stacks and a movie. She passed away a year ago January and I haven't thought back on those visits all that much. Thanks for the memory.

    Also - if you're looking for another good breakfast the next time you're in town, the Millbrae Pancake House will not disappoint. It doesn't look like much, but it's been there forever and the food is SO GOOD!