Friday, February 5, 2010

erin vs. the donut

This morning I made myself a fabulous breakfast sandwich on English muffin with one egg, pepper jack cheese and pepperoni (strange I know, but I was using what was in the fridge). It was a delicious, 290-calorie breakfast.

I arrived at work to face the normal Friday morning challenges: bagels in the office and donuts in the lunch room. I can say no to the bagel fairly easily, but at 9am this morning I met this guy:

This donut is nothing special. Just a regular old donut. At 9am I promised myself that if I still wanted the donut at 10am I would eat it.

At 10am I passed.

But I just finished my lunch and this donut has now "mysteriously" ended up on my desk. It is taking all my willpower to leave the donut on the napkin.

4 hours until I go home. Will the donut survive or will I give in?

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