Monday, March 8, 2010

My first marathon

Don't get all excited. I didn't run a marathon. But I did head to Napa to watch my husband in his first marathon. We headed to Napa on Friday night so we could have some time to relax. We ate at Cuvee where I had the best wedge salad of my life. Bacon that thick is sinful and I enjoyed every moment of it.

On Saturday we drove the marathon course toward Calistoga on the Silverado Trail. We stopped at ZD and a small winery called August Briggs. I was a little tired and so Brandon did most of the tasting. We drove back to Napa on Highway 29. Suddenly I was awake and joyous when I saw the sign for my happy place: CHANDON. Sparkling wine? Yes, please! Even though Brandon didn't plan on drinking at Chandon, they took pity on him and poured him some expensive Pinot that was seriously delicious. The funny guy at Chandon offered to take our picture:

The memorable moment from Chandon was definitely when I decided that elephants would be the best source of grape stomping. They have huge feet and could certainly crush more grapes than Lucy. Think about it.

Sunday was race day. I slept terribly as the worried wife. I dreamt at least twice that Brandon missed the bus to the starting line. I was convinced that something bad was going to happen. Brandon had to be in the hotel lobby at 5:15 am and we were both awake before the alarm went off. I was too tired to remember the camera so I took a picture of him with my iPhone and then I cried because I am a sap and because it was too damn early to be awake.

I knew Brandon's pace so we timed it perfectly to see him at mile 9. Here was my first glimpse of him. I was relieved that he survived the bus trip and was running a marathon and so I cried.

We had a quick glimpse of him from afar at about mile 11 or so. But at mile 16 I was ready with the camera and I was so happy to see him still smiling! He gave me the thumbs up and a fist pump. He was a couple of minutes ahead of his pace and I was so relieved to see him strong and smiling! I cried because he was doing so well. In fact, he finished 16 miles only eight minutes slower than he ran a half marathon last spring. That is what I call progress.

Brandon encountered some hamstring problems around mile 20 so worried wife returned when he was off his pace at mile 23 where I was waiting. I was cheering and clapping for runners like crazy up until the time when I knew he should have been there. Then I just stood pretty quietly until I finally saw him. And then I cried because he was okay and I had been so worried.

When Brandon crossed the finish line I was so excited. I ran around the building to go meet him and of course I started crying. I was so proud and exhausted from worrying and relieved that I didn't have to worry anymore. But mostly I was immensely proud of this man I married who didn't even like to run four years ago.

After showers and lunch we hit the road with my brother and drove 29/Silverado Trail again. It was a beautiful Napa day and we ended up at Sterling winery because it is awesome and has a gondola.

So marathon weekend was awesome from beginning to end. Good food, great wine, awesome first marathon for Brandon and his crazy wife.


  1. Yay! Glad to hear you guys had a fabulous time in Napa, and CONGRATS to Brandon for running a marathon! I imagine they ran from Calistoga to Vintage High on Silverado Trail; I used to ride that on my bike all the time and it is NOT an easy course because it's pretty hilly. So major props to Brandon!

    I'm not a wine drinker (ironic?) but Sterling is the only winery I've officially toured and it is beautiful! I recommend going back in the fall when the vine leaves are changing colors. Amazing! :)

  2. Christina GallawaMarch 8, 2010 at 1:32 PM

    so it seems you cried a lot...are you sure there isn't a bun in the oven? PS you still have to wait if it hasn't happened yet because I'll be back in 11 months. You know cuz you are on MY time schedule.

  3. How exciting!!! Love the pic of you two, too. I am certain I would have cried that much as well ;)

  4. yeah for brandon! he looks hot! yeah for you crying all the time and drinkin' the bubbly. My kinda girl :)

  5. I'm the worried crying wife too. It's not a Crying All The Time thing, but more of a So Many Things He Does Make Me Cry thing. So - I get it. How awesome that he ran that marathon! I'm so impressed!

  6. Tom & I really enjoyed being a part of Brandon's big day!

  7. Is he that adorable in real life? Because your hubs has a seriously killer smile.

    Oh, and yay for him! The idea of a marathon makes me want to hurl. Actually, the idea of any exercise makes me want to hurl.

  8. Loved reading your blog! Thanks for stopping by ZD Wines. Congrats to Brandon. And, Congrats to you for hanging in there. I am running the 10K in Carneros this weekend. I doubt my husband will bring any tissues! However, I may cry!
    Come visit us anytime.
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    Vice President, Sales
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