Thursday, March 4, 2010

Beer and blogging

Yesterday this showed up on my Facebook wall from Kim at Yep, they are all mine:

" you blogging anymore??? i've provided you with some prompts to get those creative juices flowin'.

1. what did you do for your birthday?
2. how awesome is your adopted family member kim and when are you going to see her again?
3. when's the next haley's comet?"

As a matter of fact I am blogging. Every day. In my head. Which is not useful to any of my readers. My problem lately is that I am full of ideas that inspire exactly two sentences. That is a status update, not a blog. As I was swimming this morning (which provides ample thinking time) I figured out the root of my problem.

Lack of beer.

I am serious. When Lent started I gave up daily drinking. Don't worry, I don't have a drinking problem. But I do enjoy having a beer every night. Well for Lent I decided to cut back on drinking during the week. This happens to be timed almost exactly with my last blog. Coincidence? I think not. The great thinker Homer Simpson is always right: "Beer is the cause of and the answer to all of life's problems." Well said, Homer.

So this morning I make my return to the blog and will make a daily effort to write (even in the absence of my beer). And now for Kim's prompts...

1. I didn't do anything super special for my birthday. I am saving up all the great partying for when I turn 30. We had dinner with my family in the bay area and I blew out a candle on the leftover cake from my great-uncle's funeral (classy? Yes.) On Sunday I met my sister for mimosas and we had pedicures. Mmmm... mimosas.

2. My adopted family member Kim is soooo awesome that I secretly stalk her when I visit my sister. By secretly I mean that I send her messages the next day saying that I did it. But then I discover I am bad at stalking because I don't even know what house it is. One thing is for sure, if you were angrily cursing some loud folk in the street at 2am last Saturday, that may have been me. Sorry. The reasons you are awesome are endless--(your writing is engaging, your sense of humor makes me laugh, you take great photos, you have awesome children...) but the most important are that you like sushi and drinking. How could you not be my friend? So to answer your second question and address my writing problem, clearly we should be meeting for a drink. Soon. Or else there will be no more blogging.

3. I hope the last question is a reference to "The Hangover." I am obsessed with that movie. I want to watch it all the time. Brandon won't let me. He always wants to watch something he got on Netflix that I have never heard of. But the answer is July 28, 2061. If we are alive we should have a beer and watch it.


  1. I love you!

    1) Happy birthday, again.

    2) I did not hear any unruly noises at 2am last Saturday, but I wish I had so I could have crashed the party. YES, we must meet for a drink soon. I have TWO tokens for the BonnLair. Do you know about the BonnLair tokens?

    3) Yes, definitely a Hangover reference ;) You know what? You totally made my night. I will be a young 83 the next time Haley's comet comes around...completely doable.


  2. Thirty. *sigh* Why am I past that milestone and barely remember the girls night out that ensued? Because I am getting old.

    32 this year. My God, I remember when my MOM turned 32. OMG I AM MY MOM.