Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Obsessions, Part 1: TV on DVD

Welcome to my new little feature “Obsessions” where you will learn about the things in my life that I cannot live without. First up: TV on DVD. It is one thing to watch a show religiously, but it is an entirely different level of sick that will drive a girl to do marathons on DVD. I reached a new low in my life when I lived for the red Netflix envelope in my mailbox.

Gilmore Girls. I have seen EVERY episode of the Gilmore Girls at least three times. At least. I watched every episode on the first run. I watched all the DVDs in college (well at least those that were released already) and then I went back and watched them all when the series ended. Again. I am obsessed with Lorelai. If could be any TV character I would be her. She is beautiful, witty and strong. She drives the kind of Jeep my dad would never let me have. She talks fast, has great taste in music and after two seasons of terrible wardrobe she finally got her act together to have some good clothes. I hated when Amy Sherman-Palladino left the show because the last two seasons got a little strange, but seriously, The Gilmore Girls is awesome. AND OOOOOOOOH, how can I forget that my favorite singer/songwriter Carole King did the theme song?! Amazing!

Sex and the City. I was a little late to the game on this show because I never had HBO. Like, I didn’t watch it until after the movie came out. In fact I saw the movie before I watched the show. Brandon mocked me mercilessly for it, but I love watching a life that I would/could never live. There is not one of those women that I idolize or care to be like, but yet there something I envy about them—their freedom, their power and their fabulous outfits.

Firefly. I have a thing for sci-fi, but really, cowboys in space? Brilliant! It is a shame that there was only season of this show.

The West Wing. This is another show that I have watched all the way through TWO times on DVD. TWO. I NEVER skip the credits because the genius music by W.G. Snuffy Walden (best name ever) makes me feel more patriotic than the Star Spangled Banner. The West Wing was awesome from the very first episode (“POTUS in a bike accident!"). I laughed, I cried, I fell in love with Rob Lowe. And let’s be honest, I learned more about the American government from the West Wing than in all my years of going to school.

LOST. This show may not be over yet, but Brandon and I prepared for the final season by watching the first five seasons on DVD. What I learned through this exercise is that my memory sucks. Which is okay in LOST because I am so damn confused anyway that it doesn’t really matter.

21 Jump Street. Johnny Depp. Did you miss that? Let me say it again. JOHNNY DEPP. Plus cops going undercover in high school never gets old. And then they all hang out in this really cool loft and wear awesome 80s outfits. One thing I never did understand—don’t you think the word would get out after awhile that there were undercover cops around? Do yourself a favor and watch this.

Sports Night. Brandon convinced me that my love of the West Wing would be transferrable to another Aaron Sorkin show. This show barely made it two seasons, but it was fantastic.

The Simpsons (not yet completed). My husband is a freak about The Simpsons. It turns out I also think the show is funny. I think we have watched seven of the seasons on DVD and I am sure that soon enough we will finish them all off. Homer and Hans Moleman are my favorite characters and there are so many quotable lines from that show.

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  1. 21 Jumpstreet. YES. Maybe you should invite me over to your new fancy house and I can bring all the seasons I own. Yes? Yes. Sounds like a plan.

    P.S. I call Johnny Depp.