Friday, October 22, 2010

i just spewed out a lot of info and called it a blog

I am sick.

At first I thought I had allergies so I called the advice nurse and got a very complicated (and difficult to spell) list of things I could take and not take. After staring at the allergy medication and my list for nearly 10 minutes, I left with nothing.

Now that my symptoms have worsened I am convinced that I have a cold. I feel miserable. I am usually quick to turn to the drugs for relief. But during my pregnancy I have been careful to avoid any sort of medication, and even though I know I am at a point where there is very little harm that I can do to my babies, I feel better about my girls as I sit and suffer here with no drugs. Some of you may think I am stupid, others may think I am making a smart choice. Mostly I just feel sick.

My sister named my girls Tia and Tamara. I know that is not very original but I have taken a liking to it and so until they make their appearance, I will call them that. Tamara is Baby A (closest to the exit) and Tia is Baby B (second to the escape route). On Wednesday I had a twin interval ultrasound to make sure they continue to grow at the same rate. Twins who share a placenta are at risk for growing at different rates if one is not a good sharer and steals all the nutrients. The good news is that Tia and Tamara continue to grow at the same rate. They are measuring 4lbs and 4.25lbs, which is exactly what singleton babies measure at this same point in pregnancy.

There was a little "bad" news too. After 8 weeks of perfect positioning, Tamara turned breech. So now we are hoping she will turn one more time and get in the right position. If she doesn't turn, I have no choice but to have a c-section. So please think happy thoughts that Tamara will decide she likes it better with her head down.

We are not actually naming them Tia and Tamara.

Speaking of names, would you name your daughter something that resulted in the initials GAG? Although this may become a moot point because I jokingly mentioned to Brandon that we use the name Posey after the amazing Buster Posey of the SF Giants and he liked the idea for a middle name. Thinking it was a silly idea I posted it on Facebook and next thing you know, I have everyone telling me they like it. So now I am all confused. Your thoughts?

Cheers to a great weekend for you all! Several big things ahead for my weekend--my sister and dear friend are throwing me a shower on Sunday and I am so excited to see all my friends and family! Many people haven't seen me since early in my pregnancy so they are in for quite a surprise when they see how big I am... And second I will be watching (nervously) as the Giants try and win the NLCS against the Phillies. GO GIANTS!!


  1. Erin--- you are amazing! And I love ya! Enjoy your weekend---hope you feel better soon!!!
    :) jen

  2. I taught 5th grade. So I would NEVER name my kid anything with initials that could be made fun of. Because if you do? Some kid in her class every single year will figure it out and pick on her about it.

    I'm very particular about names for that reason. Because being a teacher, and hearing kids butcher names? I'm very careful.

  3. I'm assuming my shower invite was lost in the mail ;)

    Ok, the initial mom intentionally changed my middle name from Elizabeth (my gramma's middle name) to Ann (DUMB middle name with no meaning) just because she didn't want my initials to be KEG. Well, guess what? For 20 years my initials would have been KEG and for the next 60+ they would have been KEB. AND I would have a middle name with meaning. I think there's more flexibility with girls because there's a high possibility their last name will change.

    I agree with Jess, but they will find ANYTHING to make fun of. They called me goat because my last name was Ghent (like Gent). Really? They don't even sound alike. So if it's not GAG, it will be something else.

    I still LOVE Posey.

  4. As for names, GAG initials would be funny and take them until HS to figure out. However, I would submit for consideration Cody Rose and Beatrix Posey.