Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Why, hello there

It has been 25 weeks since I confirmed I was pregnant.
23 weeks ago I found out I was having twins.
For more than 3 months I have known they were both girls.
I am between 5-8 weeks away from meeting my children.
Sometime in the last 3 weeks it has come to my attention that I have to go through labor. I am slightly more nervous about that now than I have been at any other point in this pregnancy.

I am happy. Life is happening and the people in my life are good.

On Saturday night we went to Brandon's 10 year high school reunion. Although I met my husband while we were both in high school, I never really knew him until we had moved on to college. Seeing him with people from his past was like meeting my husband all over again. I loved watching him reminisce. I felt blessed to witness a small part of what it meant to be a Marauder. I have always known his all-boys high school community to have a special spirit, but it was entirely different to step into their circle for a couple of hours and experience the love and brotherhood that those men share.

Finally, the biggest event in our quiet life right now is that the San Francisco Giants won the NLDS. Now we get to take on the Phillies. Trust me, if I wasn't pregnant, there would be a lot of beer drinking.

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