Friday, October 15, 2010

Things I am weird about (subtitle: things that are weird about me?)

It all started with my obsession with flip flops. I wear them as often as possible. My feet are always hot so I love that my toes are free in my sandals. I love how easily they slip on and off. I love that they are always comfortable and that I feel like “me” when I am wearing them.

At some point in the last five years I decided that the only think I disliked about flip flops is that at the end of the day my feet feel dirty. So logically, I began rinsing them off before getting into bed. Why? Because I have an obsession with clean sheets, which basically means that I have to be clean in order to get into the bed.

More about my issues with the bed: I am very particular about the bed. The bed is a sacred place, not to be tainted by the dirt of day. That means no day time clothes in the night time bed. Clean pajamas only. If I am going to nap in the bed, it means a change of clothes. There is certainly no eating in the bed. So it is only logical that my feet should need to be clean in the bed.

For several years rinsing my feet off before bed was sufficient. But then I evolved. In the last several months it hasn’t been good enough. If I only wash my feet the rest of my body feels dirty. So now I am a full fledged two-shower-a-day girl. Don’t even try to suggest that I only shower in the evening. That will just not do. I have taken a shower every morning of my adult life and I am not about to change that now.

Since we are things that I am weird about, I will continue with issues related to the bedding. When I travel with my pillow I take the pillow and the pillowcase separately. The pillow travels in the car, which we use and sit in with our daytime clothes on. Therefore the pillowcase travels with the clean pajamas for use when we arrive at the destination to abide by the aforementioned rule of no day time clothes (or pillowcases) in the nighttime bed.

In case you are wondering, I don’t care if there is a pillowcase or not on the way home. I will be putting on a clean pillowcase when I get home to prevent bed-to-bed contamination.

Don’t look at me like I am a freak. You know you have your special quirks too. Plus you know this means that when you come to spend the night at my house, your sheets will be clean.

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  1. You are so funny! "Bed-to-bed contamination". Your quirks may sound crazy (ok it DOES sound crazy), but I see the logic and it just may rub off on me. :)