Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Attack of the Ants

You see, this mommy thing I can handle.

But ants? Those little jerks put me over the edge.

I am not saying that it easy to get up in the middle of the night or to deal with two crying babies at one time. But I can manage. Those tiny, black pests however are a different story.

For the last couple of weeks we have been battling ants. They made an appearance on different days in every set of lower cabinets that I have in my kitchen. Each time Brandon and I cleared out the tupperware, pots or platters, sprayed for ants and cleaned the space. Then the next day we did it again. A separate little family has taken residence in the bathroom. On Saturday the ants launched an unprovoked attack on my pantry. I got up to serve myself a second cup of coffee and in less than an hour they had found their way from the island to the pantry. And not just a few of them--a whole army of them. My pantry was under attack.

I did the only thing I could think of: I put on a tank top and shorts to limit the places they could hide on my clothes and I started the great purge. I filled two trash bags with items from my pantry. Then I took the Raid and sprayed. Everything.

I called Brandon in a panic. I may have a flair for drama and I could tell he thought I was overexaggerating. The dead ants make me want to gag, so I left the evidence for him to clean up. When he got home and saw the battle zone, he apologized for doubting me. Booyah. Win for me.

My mom has been saying for weeks that I needed to get a pest service. Well yesterday I caved. After the great Ant Attack of Saturaday I will sacrifice Starbucks, beer, a new pair of boots--whatever I have to-- in order to keep the ants at bay. When the lovely man surveyed my property he informed me that we have ant trails everywhere. Basically there is no way we could continue to keep the ants out of our house. They were going to keep finding a way in.

So today I am a much happier girl. There are still ants wandering around my house as they slowly die off. But I rest easier knowing that in a few days they will be gone. Dead. And I am totally at peace with whatever bad karma I get from killing those little buggers.

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  1. I shuddered reading this. I HATE ants. HATE HATE HATE with a passion.

    Our last house had an ant problem. *shudder*