Saturday, December 4, 2010

How to spill orange Fanta

Step 1: Pour orange Fanta into large cup with ice.
Step 2: Place cup on end table.
Step 3: Rearrange couch cushions by throwing them toward cup on end table.

Result: Orange Fanta all over everything and a mad dash to clean up. Despite a long night with a fussy baby last night, Brandon and I both laughed at my stupidity with the orange Fanta incident.

Today was a goregous day. After a foggy morning it cleared up long enough for us to take our girls on a walk. It was a warm, autumn-like afternoon and people were out decorating their homes for Christmas; we even had a chance to chat with some of the neighbors about our girls.

Brandon and I have been watching the silly Kristin Bell movie "When In Rome" for 20 minutes. I have heard him laugh at least five times. I win. Make that six.

Do these babies look alike to you?
*Edit: these are not the twins!


  1. Not even close!!! (trust me...I married a twin)

    Erin, you have the thinker(left) and the speaker (right)!! Note - this may also impact their political leaning down the road.

    The trick is to listen to the thinker (remarkably impossible and learn to rely on intuition)..and ...Learning to filter the speaker (the words they use have very little to do with what they are saying)...You
    have the mind, heart, and woman wisdom...the girls are going to be better than fine...they are going to be AMAZING!!