Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Catching up

Today my girls are six weeks old and yet we still haven't reached my due date. After being home with me for the last three weeks, Brandon went back to work yesterday and so now the girls and I are readjusting to life. My mom stops by and we take the girls for a walk. I love that there are so many friends and family who stop by to visit. Since the day they were born, there is not a day that I have been alone all day. I couldn't be more grateful for the support.
Today I was sitting in the car with my girls while my mom ran into a shop to get us a sandwich. She ran into one of my junior high English teachers with whom I was very close because her daughter and I were also friends. She came out and we chatted for awhile and it made me so happy that for four short years I was blessed to be a teacher. I look forward to seeing some of my students 15 years from now, learning about what they have done with their lives and meeting their children. How humbling to have been part of someone's life, no matter how briefly, no matter if they appreciated it or not. Even students who openly disliked me taught me small lessons about myself and life.
For the first time ever I have embraced internet shopping. Since our overprotective government and health care system don't believe in common sense, I have been advised to keep my children in the house until they are 25. Okay not 25, but at least until May. Seriously, May? That is like six months away. I can't promise that will happen, but I do see the advantage of keeping my babies away from the mall during cold and flu season. Anyway, because of my girls I did not have a chance to Christmas shop like normal. So I embraced internet shopping and I can't lie-- I kind of like it. It is way easier to compare pricing and find the best deals when you can search multiple screens at once. Usually I prefer shopping in real life because I like the immediate gratification of coming home with the gifts. But now I look forward to the mailman or UPS truck leaving packages on my door.
And I also used Etsy for the first time! I wanted to buy more gifts from Etsy shops and bloggers this year, but I ended up with only two. I know that in the future I will be buying more from Etsy shops. I purchased from Eme*Kay and YourWishCake. Although not a Christmas present, I also bought a cute bird print from jSnaps that I love. Any other Etsy shops that I must check out? There are always occasions to buy for... if I find the right gift I will find an occasion!
Due to the "suggestion" that I keep my kids home I have not taken my girls to work to meet my friends and coworkers. So tomorrow my friends from the office are bringing lunch and coming to my house to visit! I can't wait!


  1. Your so lucky to be able to have friends over! I know that my friend's kids spent the first month or so in the hospital and then month two, they were home but with no visitors. I know by month three, everyone was excited to see new faces and have friends over.

    It brings me joy to hear about how they and you are adjusting to your new life. :)

  2. SIX MONTHS!??!?!? Looking forward to seeing you Thursday :)

  3. Your daughters are gorgeous. I am glad they are doing great. But one question: what are Etsy shops?

  4. Love the picture of your twins sleeping peacefully into each others faces. Ralph

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