Sunday, March 13, 2011

grab a beer!

Kim is hosting a party and we are all invited! All you have to do is get the button and link on her site!

grab a beer button

Now, grab a beer or your choice of beverage and check out my life this week!

A long time friend came to visit me on Monday and she brought these delightful treats. Let's just say they didn't last long...

My Ana is starting to learn cause and effect; for now she knows that if she kicks that thing, the lights go on and the music plays. It is pretty amazing when you see your kid learn something new. Now if only we could get it to play better music...

Nothing makes an office party like a goat. One of our managers found that this guy had been cast off by his mother, so Boon (named because he was wandering in the boonies) got to come to work so he could get fed every two hours. From a baby bottle.

In the afternoons they get fussy so we go on a walk. This is the view with a double stroller.

Gorgeous early spring sunset in California.

Saturday morning with Daddy. (Are you reading his blog The Daddy Dialogues? It is great!)

My aunts threw a beautiful party for the extended family to meet the girls. The cake was adorable and it tasted like heaven with lemon filling.

And when we got home from the party Brandon had prepared this amazing meal.

Nothing says lazy Sunday morning like banana nut pancakes.
And after eating all the fabulous food found in this post, I must put my new shoes to good use.

Grace says, "See you next week!"


  1. LOVE it!!!

    The goat is ridiculously cute.

    And your stroller view is awesome.


  2. Oh, and YES, I am reading Brandon's he going to play along, too?

  3. great pics. Those cupcakes...yum! your girls are adorable and I just might run out to find myself a baby it!

  4. Hi Erin,

    My good friend Lisa (Gantz) Farnan sent me your blog link. I'm having twin girls in May and am super excited! Love your blog and insight on the two girls - will make sure to read more going forward!


  5. Awww. Such sweetness here.

    A very nice week, I'd say.