Monday, March 14, 2011

a short rant about time

Daylight savings time is a scam. We don't actually save anything.

Additionally, we do not get an "extra hour" of daylight in the spring or "lose an hour" of daylight in the fall. The sun is up the same amount of time, we just call it something different.

I love having sunlight in late afternoon and early evening like most people, but not at the expense of my mornings. It will be months before there is any chance of sun for my early morning risings (lucky me I only have to get up early three days a week...) I hate getting up in the dark.

And while we are at it, time is completely arbitrary. It is just a name we give to a point in the day. It is never consistent. In July it is sunny and bright at 7pm. In December it is dark. And is there some master clock somewhere that is keeping time in case all of our watches and clocks and cell phones die at the same time? And how did we all get on the same clock? And who decided on 24 hours instead of any other unit that could have been used to decide the time? Don't even get me started on time zones. As my brother once said, "Who invented time zones? They must have been drunk."


  1. I'm right there with you! Changing the clocks when you have small children is very annoying. They don't change them in AZ (where we lived for 5 years) and they make it through just fine.

  2. Day Light Savings is a bit of a scam. However, I do kind of understand the need for Time Zones....although if you look at a map they seem to be drawn by a drunk monkey.

    Here is an easy answer I found...

    Because everyone wants to measure their day with the sun being at its highest point at midday, scientists came up with the idea to divide the earth into different time zones. There are 24 hours in a day, so there are 24 time zones. The time is the same everywhere within one time zone, but different to all the other time zones. When you move from one time zone to the next one, you change your watch by one hour. If you are traveling in an easterly direction you move your watch one hour forwards, if you are moving in a westerly direction you move it one hour backwards. (

  3. Re: 24 hours in a day,
    Look up Sumerians. Also 12 lunar cycles in a year probably has something to do with it.