Tuesday, March 15, 2011

In awe

Watching a baby grow is fascinating in a way that I never thought possible. Before the birth of my children I never thought much about child development. But over the last few months I have been caught up in the daily growth of my baby girls. It is amazing how they learn to do new things daily, things that no one taught them, things that must be instinctual to humans. Watching these babies grow gives me a deep appreciation for the complexity of human life. I am in awe of the human body is designed to do.

Early on my mother-in-law declared several times that the girls were smiling at her. But I knew it wasn't true. Because when I saw the first real smile I recognized it, just like I know I will recognize the first real laugh when it happens.

Last week Ana learned that if she kicked the thing-a-ma-bob attached to the play gym that it would make music. Both of the girls use their foot to block the exiting water in the bath tub. I don't know when they learned cause and effect, but it is awesome to watch them do something when they expect a result.

I find it fascinating from the parent perspective that I never realized what they couldn't do until I saw them do it. For example, when the hand first made it into the mouth or when the hands first met each other. I suddenly recognized that I hadn't seen that behavior yet. For lack of anything more profound to say: it's cool.

The only thing bothersome about this whole child development is that I have twins. It is easy to compare them and begin to worry about the one who isn't doing what the other does. I know that all kids develop at different rates, but it is hard to suppress my anxiety when I watch one kid do something that the other can't. It is difficult enough to deal with the fact that my babies are anywhere from 4-8 weeks "delayed" due to their premature birth, but the additional worry that they aren't both doing the same things is sometimes hard for me to overcome.

Now, if only they could put their own pacifiers in their mouths and roll over soon, I would be pretty darn happy.


  1. And do your taxes.

  2. "Now, if only they could put their own pacifiers in their mouths and roll over soon, I would be pretty darn happy."

    From watching my little nephew...those things you want will happen soon enough and then you'll wish that the girls would slow down and not grow up so fast. At least, that's my reaction. It's wonderful to see the babies you love growing and learning but it all goes by so quickly!

  3. I'm with Julia! Now all I get to see is my kids developing bad habits and trying to fix them LOL

  4. Kat was slow to develop compared to Joseph. Try not to let it stress you out. She's 10 now....all of those worries, trips to the pediatric neurologist....don't even matter. She was throwing one hell of a softball this afternoon. So much so, I forgot to pick up Nicolas. Your babies look great!