Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I went back to work and I need new pants

I survived my first day back at work. More importantly, I made it through my first workday without my girls. I definitely missed them and I thought about them all the time, but it was better than I had prepared myself for. I know now that I can do it. I have to say that I left my house this morning with my heart at ease, thanks in most part to the fact that I knew my girls were in good hands and that Brandon would be getting home at a reasonable hour. And seeing their faces when I walked in the door filled my heart and I know that I can still be a good mom while I do good work.

Speaking of work: it is strange to return to a place that has gone on without you for four months. One thing I have learned in the last few years is that none of us is irreplacable. While we may be an asset to our company, they will survive in our absence. I am grateful that there were people waiting for me with projects and ideas, which at least makes me feel valuable!

Now to important things. I need new pants.

I have had no reason to try on any of my work pants. So getting dressed this morning was slightly comical as I threw down every pair of pants I tried on. Nothing quite fits right these days. BLAH.

This blog post is really unexciting.

Have you checked out my husband's blog yet?


  1. YAY!!!!!!! I was thinking about you today. SO glad you survived!!!

    And, yep, I checked out Brandon's blog - I even commented AND added it to my reader ;-)

  2. I'm glad you survived today, and I can relate to some extent, of course my kids were older when I had to go back but I knew for sure they would not get thru the day without me and was happy to see that they did when I returned. Hang in there, you and Brandon are awesome parents <3