Wednesday, March 9, 2011

work in progress: ten things about me

i wear glasses. in the third grade my mom made me go to the optometrist. i was spending hours each day with a face in a book and with terrible headaches. he diagnosed me with an astigmatism and near-sightedness. i go to the same optometrist today as when i was 8. i wore contacts for awhile in high school, but i have learned to love wearing glasses. they are a fun accessory that i get to wear everyday! (one) 

i hate using capital letters. but i try not to impose on other people by typing in lower case letters all the time. today i am making an exception. (two)

i love salt. and everyone who has shared a meal with me is nodding his/her head in agreement right now. i am the girl who actually salts individual chips at mexican food restaurants. i can't help it. i love it. what's that? you are worried about my health? don't worry. i have low blood pressure and last time i had blood work done my sodium levels were below normal. (three)

i hate uploading pictures from my camera to the computer. it takes forever, i am impatient and i hate the process of creating folders, etc. of course if i made a habit of doing it daily most of the problems would be solved, since there would be less photos to upload and probably go much faster. of course then i would also have to find the cord. (four)

i miss teaching at loretto. i miss the students and i miss my teacher friends. (five)

i love working at toyota. the car business is exciting and always changing. there are plenty of challenges to keep me interested. i enjoy the variety of people that i get to work with. (six)

by nature i am a morning person. i love to be up when it is quiet and the world is awakening. by habit i am a night owl and i accomplish my best work in the darkest hours. at night i am focused and motivated to do things. (seven)

one of my "bucket list" items is to see a space shuttle launch. nasa is planning on ending the shuttle program so i think this is one thing i may never get to check off my list. (eight)

part of me always longs to be back in spain. in ten short months the people and the country changed me. if i could pack up my family and dear friends and all live in spain, that's where i would be. you would find me in a plaza sipping cafe con leche or hanging out at the local bar with a beer and tapas. (nine)

i am confident in what i can do and honest about my shortcomings. but i am always trying to improve personally, professionally and in my relationships with others. i am a work in progress. (ten)


  1. i'm totally with you on number two. i never knew anyone else felt the same way! :)