Monday, February 28, 2011

Some bloggy type stuff.

My husband started a blog. Check out The Daddy Dialogues to read Brandon's side of the story.

And on the topic of blog related things... see that "Follow" widget-thingy over there on the right? I would love it if you would just click on that lovely button and become an official follower of my page. If you do, I promise to love you. Forever. And I will not stalk you either.

My sister asked me the other day how she could know if I had posted a new blog without having to log into Facebook. The answer my friends is called a "reader." If you have a Google account you already have access to Google Reader. You just tell it what blogs you want to follow, and when a new post is published, it will appear in your Reader. You can access your reader from your computer or mobile device. I look at my Reader several times a day; the more blogs you add, the more posts appear! *Warning: this can become an obsession*

And if you are interested in finding new blogs, do what the rest of us do... search what blogs your favorite bloggers are reading and follow them too! Have fun!

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