Sunday, February 27, 2011

My weekend: in photos

My weekend, in pictures:

My parents gave us a gift card for ClaimJumpers to use for my birthday. On Thursday night my sister babysat the girls while Brandon and I went to celebrate. Brandon drank a huge Guinness... as you can see he was quite content when it was finished =)

Last week I asked for some help on what to do with my swaddle escape artist. We applied several techniques and as you can see, Ana is now sleeping unswaddled! We learned that she likes having something next to her face, hence the little sheep-blanket-thing. I think the blankets with heads are kind of weird, but I guess they are the new thing! Grace still seems happy enough in her swaddle, so we will leave her in it for a bit longer. Also, I can't figure out how to flip that picture.

Me and Ana playing with the camera on my phone. She was having less fun than me.

The girls got dressed up to go to church and to a "playdate" with some old friends and their kids. I use "playdate" loosely since our girls are too young to play. Mostly it was fun for the adults! This is the third weekend we have taken the girls to church, and so far so good. We sit in the back row for an easy escape in case one should get fussy. I don't think the girls were excited to take this photo.

We ended our Sunday afternoon with a walk. It was absolutely gorgeous out today and the girls enjoyed their walk in the Baby Bjorns. The birds are abundant in the greenbelt right now, and Molly scared up quite a few pheasants and geese as she ran around. It was beautiful weather and the sun was getting ready to set: it was a perfect end to a nice weekend.


  1. Ana reminds me of Isa! she needs something soft near her face to sleep too... she has a little bear-blankie. Jason used to get up in the middle of the night b/c she would place it right on top of her face and he would worry. She has slept with "bearbear" for over 10 months now! he's a trouper.

  2. YAY for pictures!!!!!!

    So glad you had a nice weekend :-)

  3. Great pictures! (And that first one is hilarious!)

  4. Love all the pictures :) My little guy likes having a something on/near his face too. He sleeps on his side and I think he does that because he likes the sheet rubbing on his face.