Wednesday, February 9, 2011

yes, i have twins

I went to the mall this afternoon with my mom and sister. It was the first time I have taken the girls out for an extended period of time. Most of the times I have been in public we have carried them in Baby Bjorns or in their carseats.

Apparently my monstrosity of a twin stroller is a magnet. When I walked past people I heard them whisper (mostly) nice things like "twins" or "how cute, they are twins!" But honestly, several people actually said to me, "You have twins!"

How am I supposed to respond to that? Because, obviously. I know I have twins. And you didn't ask me a question or even give me a statement I can refute. You may as well have told me I wear glasses. Because I know that, too. But then they stare as if they expect me to have a response other than "yup."

I am now accepting recommendations for clever remarks.

I also learned today that a lot of mothers on maternity leave and/or stay at home moms spend their time at the mall. I could not believe how many women with babies there were! Let me tell you, I am happy that I haven't been spending time at the mall. In one fell swoop I spent more money than I care to admit to the internet. It was definitely a nice afternoon to get out and pick up a few fun things, but my bank account can't afford that kind of entertainment!


  1. And THIS is exactly where my blog name originated. GOBS of people asking: are they all yours?

    Yep. They are all mine.

    I also spent crazy amounts of time at the mall.

    (Not-so) clever remarks to: you have twins!

    I do? How'd SHE get in here?
    I'm always prepared with a spare.

    I read a quad blog and I'm pretty sure she dedicated a whole post to people's comments. I can't even imagine....;)


  2. Got to love people's responses! I do not have a cleaver response. I would probably just look at them like wow you're a smart one!

    On the other hand I do have to say when I'm out and see twins I'm one of those people who say "ohhh twins" :)