Friday, February 4, 2011

ice cream and such

I miss ice cream.

I ate ice cream every day of my pregnancy. Literally. EVERY DAY.

And then my kids came out and didn't like dairy in their milk. Ironic much? I gave up all things dairy and cried a good bye to cheese, yogurt and ice cream.

I miss ice cream... *sigh*


In other news my girls are growing like crazy. They are 13 weeks old and have doubled in weight. They both smile all the time and it melts my heart. At the risk of jinxing it all, they are sleeping wonderfully. Ana sleeps at least eight hours and Grace sleeps between five and seven hours. I think she would sleep longer if we let her sleep on her stomach, but I have let the hype get to me so she will sleep on her back until she can roll herself.

Question for moms: how do we know when to transition to sleeping unswaddled? We tried one night with Ana and she was so squiggly that we wrapped her right back up.


I love February. It is a month for birthdays and Valentines and it comes right before my most favorite month of the year. This year it is extra special because it is the last month I will be home with my girls. I am savoring every moment.


  1. I can't remember how old they were, but I swaddled my babies until they could wiggle out...I feel like Isabella was a few months old, at least. She liked the swaddle. Caden, not as long, and I can't remember, but I don't think Lily cared for it. It's not going to do any harm if you continue to swaddle them!!

  2. You don't "have" to unswaddle your girls until they can wriggle themselves out of the swaddling blanket. I imagine that may come differently for each of your daughters, as this has much to do with disposition. I assure you, I would do nothing to disrupt that many hours of uninterrupted sleep. (Knocks on wood).

    As an aside, there are some very adequate alternative ice creams. If you are a mint chip fan, Soy Dream makes one that is delicious. Tofutti Cuties are also great (and low cal).

    Also, I think women who breastfeed twins are super heroes. You have my respect and admiration. Even more for giving up that which is so dear to my own heart (dairy). I kid ... but not really.

  3. Ahhhhhhhh the dairy. Pssst - Edys makes a coconut popsicle that can help fill that empty space in your heart. And about the swaddle factor - I am still known to swaddle my 29 lb toddler (18 months) if he's especially over tired, irate, and tantrum-filled. It helps me rock him down for a nap without losing facial features to grabby little angry hands. So swaddle away. I second Nicole's comment - you are a SuperMom for your ability to nurse twins without ice cream.