Tuesday, April 12, 2011

i googled it

i feel like my google searches tell a bit about me and what is going on in my life. so here are my google searches from the last week.

do avocados grow on trees?
-yes. and i love avocados.

mini martini glasses
-working on something for my sister-in-law's cocktail themed bridal party!

percentage of women who breastfeed
-i was looking for information for yesterday's post. the answers really vary based on how long women nurse for. the responses were actually higher than i expected.

percentage of women who have a cesarean section
- also for yesterday. about 30% of american women have a c-section. many of them are elective.

percentage of women who have an epidural
-about 70% of american women have an epidural. when i was born they were rare.

placer county property tax
-let's just say i am grateful for a man who came into the mail center talking about how property taxes were due. and i am also grateful that my county has online bill pay for property taxes. *phew*

greater than sign
- < and > will always confuse me. I still have to think about which number "eats" the other number like they taught us in third grade. don't judge. and why the heck is it so popular right now to use the greater than sign in text, twitter and facebook? i > you. did i get that right?

sod eisley nursery
-i was pricing sod for brandon's backyard improvement project...

how date for easter is determined
- i knew the general answer, but someone asked me so i wanted to make sure i had the specifics correct. easter is always the first sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox. so easy to remember, right?

what did you google this week?


  1. My google searches:
    Sex Panther - Thank you very much Anchorman
    Atlas Shrugged - I heard they were making a movie and was confirming it
    Cadbury Creme Eggs - To prove that they had fondant filling

    I'm kind of sad that you don't get the whole greater than/less than symbols.

  2. Citing Case Law - Man this makes me look like a student
    Supreme Court - looking for the date the first justice was sworn in, btw it was 10/5/1789
    Florence and the Machine Lyrics - love Dog Days of Summer Song but had no idea what she was singing
    John Travolta's Wife's name - I hate when I cant remember a name

  3. This is awesome and you are awesome.

  4. Well, recently I googled "dog farts" and "my cat is insane" so you can guess how my house has been lately. :)

    Think of < and > this way: the bigger side points to the bigger number. 5 > 3 or 6 < 8 I have no idea what I > you means. LOL

  5. Let's just say your Google searches make you seem far more sane than mine do :/ LOL!

  6. i google the most random things...anything and everything!! i'm not sure where i'd be without google!

    and the < and > used to always confuse me! i remember it like this..LLLess than points to the LLLeft (<) and gRRReater than points to the RRRight (>). and yes, i literally have to say it like this every time. :) hope this helps! haha