Sunday, April 24, 2011

Warning: Adorable pictures in my week in pictures

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Everyone come to Kim's linky party! Show us your week in pictures!

We have lots of little traditions with my mom's family. At Christmas we make tamales and at Easter we decorate eggs. I know, everyone colors eggs. But in our family we bust out a tin can full of crayons older than me, and we decorate ALL the eggs. Every egg has to be written on, drawn on or colored on. I LOVE this tradition and can't wait for my girls to be old enough! Here is a little collage of Easter photos:

THEY FIT IN A BASKET! Ugh, they are just so stinkin cute:

Another gorgeous spring sunset in California:

Ever since the job change I have been using my laptop at whatever desk wasn't being occupied by someone else. Well this week I finally got my own space. Why yes, it is being used a storage closet! And you know what? IT IS FINE WITH ME! I am hooked up to a printer and the desk is no one else's but mine. Maybe someday we will get around to cleaning up in there:

Grace says, "Happy Easter!"


  1. You have them in a basket on your blog so you win. Also Ana on the blanket with the bunny. Fortuitous and adorable.

  2. LOVE the basket! Darling.

  3. Oh my goodness they are freaking adorable. Love the bunny ears; love the basket photo! So cute.

  4. Okay, okay...the girls in the basket is hands-down the best Easter picture I have seen this week.