Wednesday, April 13, 2011

the sacramento kings

i was almost finished writing a post about babies when they started playing a sacramento kings retrospective after the game tonight; the game which is likely the kings' last game here in sacramento.

i haven't followed the kings too much in the last two years. coaches and players changed at about the same time that i changed jobs and made other life changes. i never caught up with all the changes so i just stopped paying attention. i've been saying for a few months that it probably didn't matter to me if they left.

i changed my mind.

i remember the excitement of seeing my favorite players in person when i went to a kings game. i remember what it was like to be screaming at arco arena while the kings were in the playoffs. i remember how much our city cared when chris webber wanted to leave. i remember how much sacramento was excited when the kings were hot. i remember that it is fun to have an nba team here.

i'm not going to talk about the politics of it all. i don't even know the half of it. but i do know that i will miss the kings and i hope by some miracle that they don't leave.

but grant napear? let's get him a long term contract in anaheim. stat.

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