Sunday, April 3, 2011

coffee, mimosas or beer, OH MY!

It is time my friends for another installment of  Grab a beer and look what I did last week! You can link up over at Kim's blog!

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Well I had a bit of a job change this week... I now work for Toyota AND Dodge. Most of my work will be the same, but for two stores. The difficulty is that I know NOTHING about the Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep brand... so there's that.

Ana got excited for opening day by watching the Giants in their last spring training game. Also, this is why we can't have the TV on while feeding the girls anymore: they watch TV.

OMG my daughters are adorable. If you don't agree, read a different blog.

Grace spent much of the week experimenting with the various faces she could make.

As I said...

Here is one without a silly face. Brandon and I both have long eyelashes. Looks like Grace got them too!

I spent Saturday morning at the salon. Mama needed a haircut.

Oh, and a color, too. Don't I look fabulous in my foil wrap?

It doesn't matter how we put the girls in the crib. They always end up touching each other. I am afraid this means we will have to separate them soon, because if one wakes up, she wakes up the other.

Ana's teeth.

Following weeks of rain, we had the most gorgeous weather this week! Brandon and I went walking on our favorite trail. We will head out to walk again as soon as I finish this blog...

Sunday morning means I am making breakfast! After several failed attempts at french toast, it was DELICIOUS this morning!

Have a great week my friends!


  1. They are totally adorable! Love the eyelashes. :)

  2. I feel like you could do a blog post called Grace's Faces and post pictures of Grace making funny faces. On second thought, I'll use that.

  3. Love the eyelash photo - what a great shot!

  4. Your girls are so beautiful! I love the picture of their two little faces together.

    This mama needs a new hair do as well, time to make an appointment.

    Happy Monday,


  5. What a great week!

    I *love* that mad face.

  6. Oh I agree. They are indeed beautiful. And you are some sort of super-woman, being the mother of twins and all. I think the powers that be must know me pretty well, because if I were given twins, things would really not go well. I mean bad. You do it, and blog. And don't kill people. Amazing.