Sunday, April 17, 2011

worst week in pictures ever

Kim thinks her week in pictures is unexciting? HA! Wait 'til you have seen mine...

OH MY this kid is adorable. I love the little hat. And she is obsessed with that Eeyore rattle.

My friend had her baby! This is Grace next to him. She looks like a Giant next to him. She is currently 7 inches longer and about six pounds heavier than he is. It is nearly impossible to believe that my daughters weighed THREE pounds less than him when they were born.

We took a family photo to send as a "birthday text" to a friend of ours.

Oh, so far you think these pictures were interesting? Here is where it goes south.

I found this feather. Obviously this bird is a San Francisco Giants fan.

"... in bed"

(please tell me you do that too? or else I just sound like a creeper)

We have reached a new low. Yes, that is my lint.
But before you get all outraged by my picture choice, let me defend myself. This was after I washed the first load of new clothes for the girls... they are moving into six month sizes! Pink lint is much prettier than normal, gray lint, don't you think?

Sign of the times: Netflix gets its own mailbox at the post office.

I leave you with this cute picture so you forget how unexciting my week was and that I actually showed you a picture of lint and a feather.

Happy week my friends!
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  1. Not boring at all, my friend.

    The foursome picture is AWESOME.