Thursday, January 7, 2010

First things first

Want to know about a low point in my life? When a video game weighs you and then definitively states “That’s obese!” Welcome to my life.

Many of my friends are having parallel experiences with weight loss and body image. Since I was in 8th grade I have struggled with my weight. As an educated woman I know how to eat and exercise... but on a pretty regular basis I find a reason to make stupid choices. I can’t do that anymore. So I am making my journey public and hoping that maybe a few people will follow along. Maybe this will give me the inspiration to stick with it.

What I am doing:
1. Counting calories. I am using an iPhone app called “LoseIt” which allows me to count calories, fiber and fat as well as exercise. I will also post what I eat on a daily basis here. Please do not expect it to be all broccoli and rice cakes. I promise to find a way to eat something deliciously bad for me. Starting with tonight. I am having pizza and beer.
2. Run. I have found that running helps me lose weight AND it makes me feel great. I am committed to running at least 3 days a week, minimum of 3 miles.
3. Swim. Last June I joined Rocklin Aquatic Masters Swimming (RAMS). This is a coached swim practice. I love swimming, but the hard part is getting up at 5am to swim in the cold. I swear I will try to go 3 times a week.
4. WiiFit. Brandon got me the WiiFit for my birthday last February. I have used it pretty consistently to weigh myself, although I don’t use it much anymore for exercising. I will continue to use the WiiFit to track my weight loss and BMI.

The good news is that I started this journey in late October and I have already lost 10 pounds. The WiiFit told me yesterday that I am not obese anymore. I was never so excited to hear the words “That’s overweight!” My BMI is still 29 which is far from the healthy BMI I am looking for.

This blog will not be all weight loss, but for now will probably be mostly focused on that. And I am not really all that clever. So please forgive me if my blog isn’t witty or has grammatical errors or seems like one you read on another site yesterday. If I were some sort of genius my blog would be linked to a major newspaper or mentioned on a celebrity website. I started reading a couple blogs by real life friends Kim, Amy and Maureen a few months back and I became inspired by their bravery to share their lives. Thank you friends!


  1. Wooooohoooooo!!! You are AWESOME! And you're in my Google Reader :-)

  2. WiiFit is cool. at first it's nothing but insults and passive-positive attitude, but I'm glad to be doing it and glad to hear someone else is doing it ;)

    it's great to be reading your blog.