Saturday, January 16, 2010

A little more homemade...

Brandon and I spent the morning getting ready for some friends to come over to watch the football game. I decided to make salsa and guacamole again after my success the other night. I also made chili and some CrockPot dessert concoction. The dessert was a complete failure but the rest went over well.

The highlight of my day was a visit from my friend Kim. She is witty, funny, a great photographer, writer AND she loves beer. So it is no wonder I get along with her. We went to Arigato Sushi which was delicious, unfortunately we both forgot our cameras!

Here is a picture of my delicious guacamole with the salsa in the background.

Chili with bell peppers, kidney beans, black beans and pinto beans.

So what I can tell you about my diet on the weekend... it is practically nonexistant. I have no pattern and no structure outside of the work week. But tomorrow is Sunday which means I will do a longer run and Brandon and I will have a light and simple dinner.

I have no desire to look up what I ate yesterday so here is a brief synopsis of Friday: I said NO to a bagel, NO to a donut, YES to splitting a salad and sandwich with my mom and YES to Baileys and hot chocolate. I am sure there was something nutritious in between!


  1. I am really struggling to learn how to navigate the saying no and yes thing---saying no to everything delicious in life feels torturous but I know we can't say yes to everything. Le sigh.

  2. Love it!!! I seriously need to try this infamous guacamole :)