Friday, January 22, 2010

Thoughts on my week

I survived the great California storm (the Midwest is laughing at us) but the diet and I are still fighting.

The worst wind and rain has passed and my house weathered it well with the exception of a small portion of fence which blew over (I am blaming that on the neighbors anyway—our 10 feet is connected to their 30 feet which also fell). Despite my irrational fears about what the storm would do, the house made it. My diet on the other hand is suffering...

It has been days since I have posted anything about it, because really, I have been pretending I am not on one. Which is bad. Despite my desire to be open in this blog about my weight loss journey, I find it difficult to write over and over again how I keep wasting another day. I hate when I am not good at something and boy am I terrible about losing weight after the first couple weeks of success.

Yesterday I ate brussel sprouts for lunch. Don’t feel bad for me, I happen to like those little shrunken lettuce balls. They are especially delicious when smothered in butter and garlic, but alas, these were just regular steamed brussel sprouts. I packed my lunch with leftover brussel sprouts and salad because sometimes eating shrubbery reminds me why cute animals are vegetarian.

All said and done, yesterday was a good day. Today will also be a good day. And tomorrow is going to be a FABULOUS day because I am going snowboarding. Snow is the best result of this silly storm and snowboarding is one of my favorite activies. So I am heading up tomorrow with the rest of the Sacramento valley to enjoy what Mother Nature dumped on us.

I am feeling uninspired today. So this is all you get.

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