Thursday, January 28, 2010

Five movies to take my mind off work

I am having a rough day. So I decided to distract myself for a moment and think of something that made me happy... for some reason I started thinking about movies. I tried to think of my five favorite movies, but I couldn’t think of that many. My husband is the complicated type. Ask him his favorite movie and he will ask “what genre?” Brandon is like John Cusack in High Fidelity—he will break it down for you in the top five list. These are not necessarily my five favorite movies, just five movies that make me happy!

My favorite movie of all time is “Father of the Bride.” I don’t know why exactly. It is not an Academy Award winning film and there is certainly nothing special about the plot or the film. But that movie makes me laugh and cry every time I see it. I love when Steve Martin gets angry and goes on his tirade in the grocery store about hot dogs being sold in packages of eight while buns are sold in packages of six. I love the relationship between him and his daughter. I love Martin Short as the goofy wedding planner. I dreamt of living in a house like theirs, and before I was married I hoped that my wedding would be as beautiful as the one in that movie.

Another favorite is “Out of Africa.” Meryl Streep and Robert Redford are my two favorite actors of all time, so of course I already think this can’t go wrong. Back in high school I actually read the book, but there is something about that film that moves me. The scenery is amazing and the story itself is intriguing. Robert Redford is handsome and who doesn’t love the elusive man who leaves you wanting more? And it’s a love story and I am girl so it works for me. The soundtrack for this film is great. When I was younger I had it on CASETTE and I used to listen to it when I went to bed.

Don’t judge. I also love “The Land Before Time.” Not the 42 sequels that came out since then. Just the original. What is there not to love about Little Foot, Petrie, Cera, Spike and Ducky? They are looking for the Great Valley and there is that awesome scene where they save themselves from the T-Rex. OOH that makes me think of another favorite—“Jurassic Park.” I can’t really explain my love for dinosaurs. I just like them. I am currently on the lookout for dinosaur themed Valentine’s Day cards, so if you see some, can you let me know?

You may find this strange but I am not really a huge lover of comedy. I have never seen “Zoolander” or “Anchorman” in their entirety. I enjoyed “Talladega Nights” and recently liked “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” But ladies and gentlemen, I am obsessed with “The Hangover.” I know that everyone is talking about that movie right now, but really, I am obsessed. I am pretty sure Brandon is tired of me asking if we can watch it...again. I am trying to think about my favorite part and I can’t even do it. I love the whole thing.

When I was sick a few weeks ago I watched the film version of “Little Women.” This is one of my favorite books from my youth and the movie with Winona Ryder and Susan Sarandon is spectacular. I know the script by heart and the setting in the 1800s reminds me of a simpler time. Last night Brandon was flipping through the channels and he stopped on a station that was playing it. He is a good husband for knowing I would want to watch it.

The 15 minutes it took me to write this actually reduced my stress level. So now you can judge me for my film choices and I will go back to work!

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