Friday, January 8, 2010

Pizza, cookies and the Olive Garden

Last night we went to watch the BCS Championship game at our friends house. I am not really a football fan (case in point: "That was a touchdown? I thought the other line was the endzone.") but who can pass up an opportunity to hang out with friends while having pizza and beer? Plus after the game was over we watched Jersey Shore and I am still laughing right now thinking of the girl punching Snookie and GTL-- Gym, Tan, Laundry. That show is ridiculous and I love it.

I know I didn't need all the pizza I ate-- three pretty decent sized pieces. I am normally a pepperoni and artichoke heart kind of girl, but my friend introduced me to the "Wolverine" and I have to say, it was delicious. So three slices in I found some will power and stopped myself (you must know-- I have a magical power: I can eat things in their entirety. An entire pizza, an entire carton of ice cream, an entire bag of chips. I know--I am special).

I was disappointed in my inability to stop at a reasonable two slices of pizza. Combined with two Blue Moons it put me way over my calorie goal for the day. But one of the things I am working on is not beating myself up for the decisions I make. Every moment is full of decisions and I have a new opportunity every minute to make a better choice. So an hour later when the freshly baked, delicious, hot, chocolate chip cookies came out of the oven, I was proud of my decision to say "no, thank you!"

Overall, I would consider the day a wash. I always am satisfied when I run, but the high calorie count is a bummer.

On today's list of challenges: The Olive Garden. We are ordering lunch today and that is apparently the place we are ordering from. I personally don't like the Olive Garden, or at least not what I remember from my last trip there 8 years ago. I have a hard time getting excited about a place when the best thing that people have to say is "they have great salad and breadsticks." But I have this thing--I hate passing up on free food. It must be leftover in my genes from the Great Depression or something. So as soon as I post this I am on to the website to investigate calorie counts and decide which will win: my deeply rooted urge for free lunch or the Lean Cuisine that I left in the freezer last month. Check in later to see what won.

Thursday 1/7 Totals
Total Calories: 2,061 (WAY over my 1500 calorie goal)
Excerise: 3 mi run, 8 minutes of walking warm up/cool down (approx 430 calories burned)
Weight Loss: 10 pounds
Water: not enough
Sweet&Salty Granola Bar
Lean Cuisine Tortilla Crusted Fish
Pizza-3 slices
2 Blue Moons
1 Mandarin Orange
1 Bag mini popcorn
Diet Coke


  1. Erin, You go girl! I love this and you are inspiring me to get my butt in gear as well. Can I just say - wish we lived closer! I would love to join a masters team too but complete agree that 5am is quite harsh, especially on cold foggy days. I would go though if I could see your smiling face. :P Your posts make me laugh. Thanks!
    P.S. I also have the magic power of eating in entirety. I was told last year that I can "eat like a man" I was personally pretty proud. Haha.

  2. Eh, three slices isn't five. Don't beat yourself up! :-)